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Saint Lucia is a perfect Caribbean vacation, whether you’re after romance, rejuvenation or adventure. Its natural lush landscape covers 617km2 (238.23 sq. miles) and has a population about 175, 000 located in the year-round sunny southern Caribbean.

This amazing island has so much to boast about………you have to come experience it yourself. From our brilliant locals, Hon. Derek Walcott, Nobel winner for Literature in 1992 and Sir Arthur Lewis for Economics in 1979.

UNESCO World Heritage Site, “The Pitons” volcanic form Twin Mountains (Gros Piton and Petit Piton) towering over 2000 feet overlooking the first city of Saint Lucia, Soufriere-Oprah Winfrey top 5 must see places in a life time. The two Piton Mountains are the most photographed landmark on the island. The Pitons are famous tourist attractions for hikers and mountain climbers in St. Lucia.

The world’s only drive-in Volcano/Sulphur Springs. The Sulfur Springs are a popular tourist destination in St Lucia due to their ability for tourists to literally drive up to the edge of the springs. Downstream from the springs, the water temperature is still hot, but cools enough for tourists to enter and give themselves a mud bath. These mud baths are believed by some to contain medical purposes. Enjoy the Sulphur Springs therapeutic mineral/mud bath.

The National Geographic top three (3) food markets in the world, “Castries Market.” Castries is the capital city of Saint Lucia. The market was constructed in 1891 and was opened on July 2, 1894. The Castries Market is open every day except for Sunday, where locals gather to sell homegrown produce like freshly pick coconuts and spices as well as St. Lucia-stamped unique souvenirs, handcrafted woodwork for tourists.

To the AAA/CAA Diamond rating, 5 Star Jade Mountain Resort. Jade Mountain Resort is the Caribbean’s top luxury suite and one of the world’s top resorts, best honeymoon getaway, most unique tropical escapes. Jade Mountain Resort is the only resort with both iconic views of The Pitons.

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